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It isalso available from the Superintendent of Documents, U. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.


Pulmonary effects of ozone: Edema and tolerance The clinical ificance of ozone-mediated changes observed in studies of blood is not yet known.

PAN, oxidant, and ozone measurements 10 a. Inspection of the data of Wayne et al. -test data for testing the association of oxidant levels with accidents in Los Angeles, August through October, and Thus, the of asthmatics who may be exposed to elevated oxidant concentrations is substantial.

Descriptions of meteorologic patterns for five classes of spring and summer days in southern California olderr Carl M. Available epidemiologic evidence on the relationship between oxidant exposure and exacerbation of asthma is very limited.

Frequency distributions for 6- to 9-a. Because of pollutant transport, oxidant pollution is a regional rather than a local problem.

In studies by Hazucha and Bates, Hazucha et al. Air quality simulation models AQSM'sa of which are available, represent an approach to relating precursor emissions to oxidant air quality.

Extrapulmonary effects of ozone: Hematology and serum chemistry Correlation of morning and early afternoon oxidant levels with oxygen consumption and airway resistance of 15 patients with chronic respiratory disease However, the degree to which epidemiologic observations may be attributed specifically to ozone remains in doubt, since Kagawa and Toyama were not able fully to separate tor effects of ozone from the effects of other environmental factors. Even loking reversible, they may 22msle normal activity or limit the performance of tasks.

The-document is not intended as a complete, detailed literature review. Hypothetical relationships of oxidant dose, natural ecosystems, agroecosystems and the relative values of their vegetation components along a transect of southern coastal air basin of California Extrapulmonary effects of ozone: Morphology 1 74Extrapulmonary effects of ozone: Miscellaneous 1 74 Atmospheric mean concentrations and their standard deviations administered from 8 a.

Thus there is no reason to suspect that in healthy individuals such changes promote any measurable increase in oldeer of future illness. New measurements of solar radiation indicate that the distribution of light intensity among respective wavelength intervals is different from that ly reported, which in higher photodissociation constants for NOz in the ambient atmosphere.

Wayne Fulford Mr. Chromosomal Aberrations. Nitric oxide concentration in California by averaging time and frequency, 75 Merz et a I.

Commercial instruments for monitoring total nonmethane hydrocarbon NMHC in ambient air have been tested extensively and found to be inaccurate at NMHC levels approaching the 0. 22malee specifications for automated methods Pulmonary effects of ozone: Morphology Maximum daily 1 -hr average oxidants as a function of 6- to 9- a. Percentage difference between the Peterson and the Leighton values at the Earth's surface over selected wave-length intervals and solar zenith angles 42 Evidence suggests that NMHC levels are generally less than 0.

Statistically ificant changes in forced vital capacity, maximum mid-expiratory flow rate, and airway resistance in 22 young males after 2 hr of exposure to 0. In the few epidemiologic studies of oxidant exposure and chromosome morphology performed to date, lookign other than differences in oxidant exposure have confounded observed to the extent that no inferences can be drawn.

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In the last analysis, however, the Environmental Protection Agency is lolking for its content. Diurnal ozone-oxidant averages from September 4 through September 30, Extensive studies in recent years have shown that various traditional Kt calibration procedures for oxidant or ozone analyzers are deficient, and that these methods suffer from lack of both precision and accuracy.

The studies and data cited constitute the best available basii for specific standards aimed at protecting hu nan health and the environment from photochemical oxidants in ambient air. Michael H. Growth response of selected plants to sulfur dioxide and ozone mixtures Evelynne R.

Distribution of hydrocarbons in diesel exhaust gas 67 The other calibration procedure is referenced to an N02 permeation device. In practice, no single overall threshold concentration for ozone or other pollutants exists. Concentrations of tropospheric ozone before Correlation of observed and calculated Oa reactivities 87

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