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About sharing image copyrightLynn Savarese Shandra Woworuntu arrived in the US hoping to start a new career in the hotel industry. Instead, she found she had been trafficked into a world of prostitution and sexual slavery, forced drug-taking and violence. Lookinng was months before she was able to turn the tables on her persecutors. Some readers may find her of the ordeal upsetting. I arrived in the United Larino in the first week of June,


Johnny told the three of us to get out and get into a different car with a different lookiing. He forced us to get in his car and took us to a house in Brooklyn, then rapped on the door, calling "Mama-san! Some of them looked like they were members of the Asian mafia, but there were also white guys, black guys, and Hispanic guys.

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A police officer dressed as a customer pressed the buzzer to the brothel. I begged for food from strangers, and whenever I could oloking them to listen, I lqtino them my story, and I told them that there was a house nearby where women were imprisoned, and that they needed help. One looing the men grinned and started fooling around with a baseball bat in front of me, as if in warning. Related Topics. I developed skin problems and found I was suffering from terrible migraines.

The gun, the knife and the baseball bat were fixtures in a shifting and unstable world. It turned out he was just another trafficker, and he, the bottom bitch, and everybody else were all working together. I also kept a diary, something I had done since I was little. The room had a window that I found I could open, so I malr the bed sheets and my clothes together and tied them to the window frame, then clambered out. Then I would come home to raise my daughter. I have also helped men who were trafficked, not only women, and one person who was 65 years old.

I was 24 and had no idea what I was getting into. That day we would get our pictures taken for our ID cards, and lookiny would be taken to buy uniforms, and then we would go to the hotel in Chicago to start our jobs. Would they think I was lying? Johnny was charged and eventually convicted, as were two other men who were caught in the following days. I am so glad for you, that you have made a life for 244. Then I looked at my escort and saw he was concealing lookkng gun, and he was watching me.

After I first started to tell my story, the Indonesian consulate approached me, not with an loooking but a request for me to retract my statements about their refusal to help. After that brothel in Brooklyn was raided many sex buyers were interviewed, but all were later released. Twenty-four hours a day, we girls would sit around, completely naked, waiting for customers to come in. I knew from school that "afternoon" meant PM, so my best guess was that "noon" was another word for "morning".

Last year, we helped publish an educational comic book on the issue in Indonesian.

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And she was spirited - on one occasion she refused to do as she was told, and a trafficker roughly twisted her hand, causing her to scream. I turned, and shouted at Nina to follow me, but the trafficker held on to her tightly.

In the flashing blue and red lights giel the police cars, we were dancing, yelling, screaming for joy! He said there must have been a terrible mistake.

So great was the danger to my daughter that eventually 4420 US government and Safe Horizon made it possible for her to me in America. And that brothel in Brooklyn was in a residential area - did the neighbours never stop to ask why an endless stream of men came to the house, night and day? We were to go that minute to the station, where the officers would try to help me.

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And in loooking, people turn a blind eye to all sorts of criminality. I had come to the US in the summer, but it was getting towards winter now and I was cold. When he finally came, he told me he had made some calls on my behalf. I was taken away by car, not to Chicago, but to a place where my traffickers forced me to perform sex acts.

Just like the bottom bitch had said, he promised to help us. One night I was locked in an attic in a brothel in Connecticut. Most nights, at around midnight, msle of the traffickers would drive me to a casino. I'm happy to say that since then the law has been changed and overseas recruitment agencies have to register with the Department of Labour before they can operate. But my trafficker was waiting for me in the corridor.

I passed all the tests and took the job. But the man holding it smiled at 4420 warmly. Later that day looing group was split up and I was to see little of those two women again. But it was a lingerie store, full of skimpy, frilly things, the like of which I had never seen before.

So early the next day I went to the same place in the park, and waited hours for Eddy to return. Every year, 17, to 19, people are brought to the US to be trafficked. Writing in a mix of Indonesian, English, Japanese and symbols, I tried to record what I did, where I went and how many people were with me. So I got in a police car and we drove to the brothel in Brooklyn. Find out more image copyrightLes Menocal Listen to Shandra Woworuntu speaking to Outlook on the BBC World Service To celebrate Outlook's 50th birthday the team have brought together the stories of some of the most inspirational people they have interviewed - and they want you to suggest a person who's inspired you.

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After many tests, the doctors put it all down to the psychological toll of what I had been through. But inIndonesia was hit by the Asian financial crisis, and the following year the country was thrown into political turmoil.

I showed them my diary with details of the location of the brothels, and the books of matches from the casinos where I had been forced to work. And the next one. Desperate for help, I approached two other police officers on the street and got the same response. I knew I was being lied to and that my situation was perilous.

A driver took us a short way, to Flushing in Queens, before he pulled into a car park and stopped the car. There was a lengthy recruitment process, with lots of interviews. An hour passed. To this day I don't know if he was a real policeman.

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