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The appeals court noted that the deputy could justify the arrest by showing probable cause for any crime, and that probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff for interference with public duties in light of the prevailing law at the time of the arrest. In this case, probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff bavk she instructed her child to physically disobey the officer and the child complied.


A federal appeals court upheld summary judgment for the officers on the basis of qualified immunity. He activated his flashing lights and went in pursuit. A mere phone call reporting criminal activity, without corroboration, does not provide probable cause for an arrest. A woman sued the U.

De La Paz v. The statute was improperly applied in this case to a group's protest of a meeting of public officials and members of the public to discuss conditions in the skid row area.

The officer reached inside the apartment, handcuffed the man, and arrested him on the basis of his refusal to provide biographical information or identity. The plaintiff alleged no reason to doubt that the officers actually smelled what they believed gdove be marijuana, that children were present in the home, and that the plaintiff did not have medical marijuana privileges, which provided the officers with probable cause to arrest.

They were also entitled to qualified immunity for alleged unlawful entry into the home from the sunroom when wlk plaintiff consented to that entry.

A couple and their three children, driving home from a family outing, were stopped by two deputies one female and one male. In this case, the deputy was invited to speak to a group esvorts girls in school about bullying and fighting. The trial court had relied on the proposition that parties are deemed bound by the acts of their lawyers.

Willett,F. Police responded to a call regarding a verbal argument between a man and his girlfriend. Lexis The federal appeals court rejected a lower court ruling that the lawsuit was pabe by the conviction because a judgment in the plaintiff's favor would imply that the conviction was invalid.

Nieves v. A struggle ensued and the woman was arrested. He sued the TSA agent and a city police officer, claiming that the arrest was made without probable cause and that the two conspired esccorts fabricate grounds for the arrest. Biser,U. There was ample evidence to support a jury's verdict in favor of four officers involved eelk the search and seizure and arrest of the plaintiff on drug charges.

One of them prevented him from closing the door, entered his home, and refused to leave. An officer, standing by his patrol car after 2 a.

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Claims against the agent were also rejected for failure to state a claim. The court rejected the excessive force claim against the officer. Charges initially made against the plaintiff were ultimately dropped when it was established that he was not involved in the incident. Police pulled over a female motorist based on confusing statements concerning a male suspect heard by a operator during a phone call.

While the plaintiff described being pepper sprayed as painful, there was insufficient evidence of more than "de minimus" minimal injury, so the officer was entitled to qualified immunity on an excessive force claim. A video of the incident showed aggressive driving by the plaintiff. A man told an officer that while he was sleeping his neighbor had entered his home, possibly by prying open a bathroom window, grabbed and threatened him, and put his hand down the front of his pants.

The Taser was used on the man, a passive bystander, who allegedly failed to immediately comply with an order to go away from the location where his neighbor was being arrested.

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The deputy had legal authority to place the child in protective custody. Wesby,L. The complainant identified the neighbor as the man who had assaulted him. Weekly Fed. While her appeal of the dismissal of that lawsuit elo pending, the sister was indicted and convicted in state court of hiding a corpse, harboring or aiding a felony, and resisting or obstructing an officer. A police officer was not sscorts to qualified immunity from a claim that he violated the Fourth Amendment by arresting a man in his home without a warrant.

In a false arrest, malicious prosecution, and illegal search lawsuit, a jury returned ewcorts verdict for the defendant officers. The driver did not cooperate with the officer and his partner, disregarding instructions, leading to a physical confrontation. A motorist claimed that a state trooper unconstitutionally initiated a traffic stop and questioning, detainment, and bacck of him without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

False arrest claims were properly rejected where, when the officers first viewed some photographs, they were justified in concluding that they qualified as unlawful child pornography.

A federal appeals court ruled that his false arrest claim against the arresting deputy, based on the charge of trespassing, was not barred by Heck v. It was not objectively reasonable for police officers to believe that they had probable cause to arrest a man for obstruction when he stood in his own lighted doorway 30 to 40 feet away directing verbal criticism at the officers and telling them that his wife, who they were confronting in the driveway could not follow their instructions as she was disabled.

Hupp v. The officers were entitled to qualified immunity even if they lacked actual probable cause because a reasonable officer could have interpreted the law as permitting the arrests. Because the plaintiff had pled guilty, a finding of illegal seizure would have no relevance to the validity of the plea and subsequent sentence. As to the length of the detention, it was not excessive or unreasonable, as there was no indication that any of the defendants imposed a deelay for improper motives such as punishing the plaintiff or "drumming up" evidence merely to justify his arrest.

A federal appals court found that, while the statute in question was not facially unconstitutional, it was unconstitutional as applied to the plaintiff's behavior, or political meetings as occurred here. Lexis 7th Cir. Charges of resisting, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct were dismissed. Government of the District of Columbia,F. Upholding the dismissal of the lawsuit, the federal appeals court stated that when the actions occurred during a terrorism investigation, "special factors" required hesitation in allowing a Bivens lawsuit for money damages.

Patterson v.

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A woman motorist stopped her car and stood outside her vehicle videotaping the arrest. Mitchell,U. City of Peoria,U. There was no reasonable basis for their belief that the building in question was in the Formal Trespass Affidavit Program, under which the police department was the lawful custodian of certain property, and a "for-sale" on the building "belied abandonment. Wilkerson v.

bacj There was probable cause to stop a vehicle driver for speeding based on observations, even though the officers did not know the driver's exact speed, Tapley v.

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