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Its first ac flight came into being on 01 Apr Meanwhile, in Aprila "B" Flight had also been formed on the vintage Wapiti. But, it was not until June that a "C" Flight was raised to bring No. Problems concerning the defence of India were reassessed in by the Chatfield Committee. It proposed the re-equipment of RAF Royal Air Force squadrons dela in lndia but did not independen any suggestions for the accelerating the then painfully slow growth of IAF except for a scheme to raise five flights on a voluntary basis to assist in the defence of the principal ports.


A third AAF unit, No.

A decision had also been escor to re-equip the fighter squadrons with the Tempest II, and implementation of this decision began during the autumn ofNo. As the sixties translated to the seventies, the IAF consolidated its expansion plans, attaining its squadron goal.

Perhaps the most outstanding operational success was enjoyed by the Gnat, the three squadrons of which provided the air defence mainstay by flying CAPs over most operational IAF bases as well as fulfilling escort missions. Expansion and modernisation Particularly ificant in IAF was the yearwhich witnessed true beginnings of the major re-equipment programme that was to raise the Service fully to world standards.

Ineian Mysteres were employed primarily in the ground attack role in which they proved extremely effective, with their swaths of 5 5 mm rockets most effective against armoured vehicles. Due to the very different attributes of the atmosphere, even weapons do not perform as per sea-level specifications. The dedicated strike derivative, selected for licence production by HAL, was the MiGM which shared the overall configuration of the BN but was optimised for low-level, high-speed performance.

The period, the IAF was to benefit from a crest in the eighties, the period witnessing a major modernisation programme which replaced most of the earlier generation and obsolete equipment with spanking new aircraft types and weapon systems.

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As of Octoberthey envisaged expansion of the existing ten RIAF squadrons into a balanced force of twenty fighter, bomber and transport squadrons. The Government of India ed protocols with the Soviet Union for the very first supply of combat aircraft and missiles for the Indiab Air Force. During the period 20 October to 20 November, pressure on the Service's transport and independet units were intense, troops and supplies having to be flown to the support of the border posts virtually around the clock and at extreme altitudes.

It was now patently apparent that, for a country of the immensity of India, a system of purely functional Commands was impracticable and that, to cater for all potential-threats, operational command would in future, have to be exercised on a regional basis. Any time the target was spotted, a very high success rate invariably resulted. The MiGbis assumed the prime air defence mantle and sufficient s were acquired in to equip three squadrons Nos.

As a result, the initial few sorties from high levels were not effective as desired. Tension between India and Pakistan had steadily escalated over the years, culminating on 1 September in a massive attack in the Chhamb sector by Pakistani forces. The last Sukhoi Su-7 Squadron No.

It was realised that too much emphasis had been placed on quantity at some cost in quality in order to cater for the dictates of the very high tempo IAF expansion embarked escorrt following the Sino-Indian War. Nevertheless, five such flights were established with No. At high altitudes, a crucial factor in aircraft performance is the reserve of power available, which, for the MiG and Mirage fleets, was a strong point in their favor.

Rscort 30 October, the first Spitfires from the Advanced Flying School at Ambala reached Srinagar and were soon engaged in strafing the raiders beyond Indisn. Three Main Steps in Neutralising a Target. Its first ac flight came into being on 01 Apr Growth was not restricted to the combat elements for, in parallel, the IAF's transport force was enlarged to six squadrons, three with Cs Nos. Sqn at Palam, thus endowing night-intercept capability upon the IAF for the first time.

The IAF's energies were now taxed heavily with implementation of an expansion programme aimed at raising the Service from a squadron force to no fewer than 33 squadrons over an extremely short span of years: a Herculean task when performed simultaneously with sweeping equipment changes. After many years of evaluation and negotiation, the Anglo-French fighter was contracted for, an interim batch of ex-RAF Jaguars being accepted to re-equip No.

An emergency training scheme was instituted in which the services of five flying clubs at Madras, Kanpur, New Delhi, Nagpur and Patiala were enlisted, more than 1, cadets receiving primary flying instruction with these clubs by the end of These were followed by a batch of U. For some weeks in November, both Indian and Pakistan governments protested violations of national airspace along the western border, but aerial conflict between the respective air arms began in escrt on 22 November, preceding full-scale warfare between India and Pakistan esckrt 12 days.

However, in order to maintain uniform standards in training indepedent maintenance, the Training and Maintenance Commands were to remain functional. Mission emphasis throughout was on interdiction. Other encounters were to follow over the next 10 days, within both Indian and Pakistani airspace, before full-scale war began on 3 December.

Its composition in the autumn of included 23 fighter category squadrons, three tactical bomber squadrons, a maritime patrol squadron with ex-Air India L. Meanwhile, in Aprila "B" Flight had also been formed on the vintage Wapiti. At the end of MarchNos.

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The First Few Days The loss of one fighter and one Mi chopper to enemy action indicated the need for a change of tactics, resulting in withdrawal of armed helicopters and employment of fighters in modified profiles out of the Stinger SAM envelope. No less indwpendent twenty new aircraft types and sub-types entered the IAF's service indiam these years, including various strike fighters, third-generation supersonic interceptors, tri-sonic reconnaissance aircraft, strategic heavy lift transports, medium tactical transports, light transport aircraft, heavy lift and medium-assault helicopters, basic trainers, surface-to-air missiles and an array of sophisticated weaponry propelling the IAF, or Bharatiya Vayu Sena, into one of the world's better equipped air arms.

Three MiG squadrons, operating from Gauhati and Tezpur,took part in counter-air, escort and close air support tasks during the blitzkrieg action in Bangladesh. At this time, relations between India and Pakistan were again steadily deteriorating and the IAF, its combat strength virtually unchanged since partition inwas scarcely ready for any full-scale conflict.

The September conflict was the first full-scale war in which the post-independence IAF was involved and the Service learned many lessons as a result. Owing to the success enjoyed by the Gnat during the conflict, plans for its early phase-out by HAL were halted and production was fully reinstated, to result in a further four Gnat squadrons Nos 15, 21, 22 and 24 being formed during

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