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Down to junction guy looking for fun I Ready Fuck Dating

Down to junction guy looking for fun
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Name: Jocelin

Age: 27
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He junctin the full get up, the red clothing and what not. In compliance with California law, he was wearing a helmet. One side of the protective headgear was painted to resemble his trademark pointed hat flopping down over to one side. This would have looked real silly, if it was anyone other than Santa.


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I turned toward the jukebox and there was Santa Claus himself picking out the tunes. They know the score. By the way the jolly part is kind of a myth, but I do have pretty good sense of humor and like I said, chicks dig that.

I was completely vindicated of some of the assertions that came from these lies. It is all part of the magic of the holidays. He is very tall and I think that is what makes it work. I leaned over to meet her half way.

So I often meet women, who as you might suspect, are in retail. There is just so much to explore. DM: That is wonderful. For the most part people have goodness in their hearts.

How the Gun Stole Christmas. Before I could answer, Santa told her that I am a writer and an editor. This kid is sitting on my leg which fell asleep about a half an hour before. I got hooked on that as well.

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His grandfather was an elf who worked for me. A lot of my mojo came from jolly old Saint Nicholas. I visit all parts of the planet and people pretty much want the same thing; a decent life for themselves and their families.

Thank you. Chicks dig the whole naughty and nice routine. SC: Not really.


Its December, the beer is on me Dave. The elves like it and our productivity has increased since we started playing blues music fuun the various manufacturing plants up at the pole. One side of the protective headgear was painted to resemble his trademark pointed hat flopping down over to one side.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I take her on the road with dkwn sometimes, as the green eyes are perfect and go with the Christmas themed color motif. It created a lot of false impressions of what we do up there and how we operate. Take last week. Everyone was getting really sick of Christmas music anyway.

They are always trying to get me to come down right after Christmas. To forward the storyline the writers did take some dramatic to end up with a tale of redemption. If so what are your fkn Will Farrell was great. I could live with all of these things and he agreed to make this an exclusive.

I also thought somehow blues music would conflict with my public persona of being jolly. Her name was Holly.

I just want to get that out there. I made some incorrect assumptions as to what this music is all about.

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As you might suspect global warming and the loss of the polar ice caps is a huge concern. The elves love it. He is one of my favorites. On the other hand a tricked out sled with flying reindeer is a huge turn on for the ladies It still looks like you could pass for a mall Santa, but seriously You have to have that in my business.

I will never understand why that is a surprise to everybody. I can have somebody from that department get in touch with you if you want. It is great to hear young people who have a feel for the music and watch as they pass it on lookin a new generation of listeners. Then I started getting into the post war, west coast stuff. Is there a height limit?

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I am not saying we all get along all the time. Pretty standard stuff, mostly legal boiler plate; the only stipulation he put on the session was that there were to be no guuy and that I could not reveal our exact location as he liked to hang out at this t and not be bothered with paparazzi. My sciatica is killing me and he is so excited to see fub, he pisses all down my leg. Kids are smart.

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