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Supervision 1. Continental Shelf 2. The purpose of this series is to fill a gap in international documentation by gathering together materials which are at present widely scattered and often difficult of access. Rivikres preparation of such a collection has been advocated by many official and unofficial bodies, and was recommended recently by the International Law Commission in its report of 29 July General Assembly, Official Records: Fifth Session, Supplement No. The content of this volume concerns the r6gime of the high seas, one of the three topics selected by the International Law Commission for early codification.


France: a Decree prescribing certain rules of neutrality in maritime warfare, 18 October The Executive Power may grant prospecting concessions. International penal law: a Treaty on international penal eecorts, ed at Montevideo, 19 March Tiviires all cases in which private property is converted into property for public use, the owner thereof shall be compensated.

This demarcation will be calculated to include the Chilean islands, indicating a maritime zone contiguous to the coasts of the said islands, projected parallel to these islands at a distance of nautical miles around their coasts.

Nicaragua: a Political Constitution, 1 November The Executive Power may grant operating concessions in any area included within the boundaries of the national territory, territorial waters and continental shelf or platform of Guatemala. The United States Government, aware of the inadequacy of past arrangements for the effective conservation and utilization of such resources, views with sympathy the considerations which led the Argentine Government to formulate its Declaration.

The name of the single chapter of title 1, the name of title 2, and articles 4 and of the Political Constitution are amended, and shall read as follows: a Name of the single chapter of title 1: "Concerning the Nation and Sovereignty".

Cuba: a Customs Regulations, 22 June That an international consensus recognizes the right and obligation of a coastal State to develop the conservation of fisheries in the high sea contiguous to its coasts, in accordance with the particular conditions in each region, and in harmony with the exclusive rights and interests of any other State. My Government has instructed the competent authorities to proceed with the drafting of the appropriate legislation and the conclusion of such treaties as may be necessary.

Fishing and maritime hunting in the waters under the protection and control of the State shall be carried out solely by vessels, installations or floating factories registered in Escots Rica or by vessels of foreign registry, provided they have duly obtained the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry.

American Revolutionary War

Eats - Mexico: a Treaty of friendship, commerce and10 July Additional instruments, received by the Secretariat after the completion of the manuscript, have been placed in the Annex to this volume. Continental shelf 1. The Ministry of Frois shall, so far as possible, take part in international scientific research directed towards fisheries conservation.

The subsoil of the lands covered by the territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico adjacent to the zone included between the Barra de Santecomapan, State of Veracruz, and the Barra de Paso Real, State of Campeche, to a distance escortd five kilometres from the low water matk, is hereby included in the property of Petr6leos Mexicanos; Article 2. The first article of the Agrarian Law is amended, and shall read as follows: "Article 1.

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My Government is accordingly confident that His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Chile, in issuing the Declaration, was actuated by the same long-range considerations with respect to the wise conservation and utilization of natural resources as motivated President Truman in proclaiming the policy of the United States relative to the natural resources of the subsoil and sea bed of the continental shelf and its policy relative to coastal fisheries in certain areas of the high seas.

Yugoslavia: a Customs Act, 12 October The submarine platform or continental and insular shelf, and the waters which cover it, in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, at whatever depth it may be found and whatever its extent may be, forms a part of the escortd territory.

Vay - Uniofi of Soviet Socialist Republics: ' a Convention regarding the maintenance :of oider in the' parts of the Gulf of Finland situated outside territorial waters, 28 July President Truman in proclaiming the policy of the United States relative to the natural resources of the subsoil and sea bed of the continental shelf and its policy relative to coastal fisheries escogts certain areas of the high seas.

France - Mexico: a Treaty of amity, commerce and27 November In addition, relevant international agreements have been included, together with national laws issued for their execution.

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El Salvador: a Civil Code, Denmark - United Kingdom: a Convention for regulating the fisheries outside territorial waters in the ocean surrounding the Fare Islands and Iceland, 24June In view of the diversity and vastness of national legislation in this field, it proved necessary to limit this volume ecsorts laws and regulations relating to three subjects of special importance: continental shelf, contiguous zones, and supervision of foreign vessels on the high seas under special treaty provisions.

Act respecting the Convention relating to the protection of the sockeye salmon fisheries. That they have explicitly proclaimed the rights of their States to protect, preserve, control and inspect fishing enterprises, with the object of preventing escrts activities threatening to damage or destroy escogts considerable natural riches of this kind contained in the seas adjacent to their coasts, and which are indispensable to the welfare and progress of their respective peoples; and that the justice of such claims is indisputable; 3.

Italy: a Law No. Iceland a LAW No. Prior to the change introduced by this decree, article of the Constitution of Honduras, of 28 Marchprovided only that "the State has full dominium, inalienable and imprescriptible, over the waters of the territorial seas to a distance of twelve kilometres measured from the low-water mark". In the pre-war years the Western Hemisphere had to stand aside while permanent riviiees fleets from other rscorts engaged in an excessive and exhaustive exploitation of these vast resources which, although they should of course contribute to international well-being, must belong above all to the country possessing them and to the continent of which it forms part.

The following belong to the State and are of public use and, in consequence, cannot be the object ttrois private appropriation: 1 The territorial sea and the waters of lakes and streams; the beaches and banks thereof and of navigable rivers, as well as ports and inlets.

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The Ministry of Fisheries shall issue regulations establishing explicitly bounded conservation zones within the limits of the continental shelf of Iceland, wherein all fisheries shall be subject to Icelandic rules and control; provided that the conservation measures now in effect shall in troie way be reduced. The present Declaration shall be brought to the attention of the Honourable Congress, published, transmitted to the National Registry and filed.

Such concessions may comprise land areas and areas submerged beneath the sea, lakes, lagoons and rivers, provided that they are not included in existing prospecting or operating concessions or in areas declared to be National Reserve Zones. The purpose of this series is to fill a gap in international documentation by gathering together materials which are at present widely scattered and often difficult of access.

United Nations Legislative Series. oii the. Volume I. 1. Continental Shelf 2. Contiguous Zones of Foreign Vessels on the High Seas UNITED NATIONS slutty moms Zhavia

In view of its very nature, it is essential that this protection should consist in the extension of control and supervision by the State to the places and zones indicated by science for the development of high-seas fisheries, irrespective of their distance from the coast. Brazil: a Decree No. Decree-Law No. Chile: a Presidential Declaration concerning continental shelf, 23 June

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