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Frat bro looking for sioux falls chick

Frat bro looking for sioux falls chick

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When six houses have the infernal and inglorious nerve to schedule their fall hops for the week-end after our deadline-it's just TOO much. Couldn't you folks out there be a little more considerate? Acacionally some things just don't live up to their repu- tations.


Remembering the lives of those in Illinois who died from coronavirus

DU know that Alpha Gam's novices trucked out and spent the evening dancing with the boys of Kentucky Road? Christman is the spark of Missouri's attack.

The word "streamlined" ordi- narily denotes something slick- looking and not too durable. For years everybody was yelling for the working men to get back his beer.

List of hazing deaths in the United States

We were all sitting in the back seat. But if you vote with the fraternity cau- cus that gets a man elected night- watchman of Jesse Hall, you ever after date its seventeen-year-old pledges who still think S.

But I don't see any marks on your face! He employs his pounds and' six feet, one inch to every advantage.

A popular cam- pus figure, Jack "gets around" on or off the gridiron. Then the Gamma Phi neo- phytes cut quite a KAper the other night. Finally the old gentleman could stand it no longer, so he asked the con- ductor why he dangled the string and why the driver swore so. Bought a housedress to tide me over until spring.

Right now we suggest a men's pep club A club to sit together at games and; sound out when yells are turned on, to make something out of mass meetings, to organize between-the-halves loooking, to pro- mote Missouri and its athletic teams on our own campus. Fourth in the line of Faurots to wear the Black and Gold of Missouri, Bob Faurot, younger brother of Mizzou's grid mentor, is forced to step plenty fast to keep the family banner waving with all its glory.

Xioux his halfback position, Star- mer shines in carrying the mail.

Today they are military objectives to be loooing to bits by bombs, to be buried in the ruins of their schools, to be raked by machine-gun fire as they cling to their mothers' skirts. Soft hand closed in mine- palpitation.

The Corkscrew Curl. Iowa boasts a tricky; fast, steamroller backfield and a solid line, but "we're from Mis- souri. We need help - your help. Listed at pounds on the publicity sheet, Christman belies the pamphlet, checking in at pounds.

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Lady magicians find it good for concealing rabbits and pigeons. Jackson Winters, Tex. Perhaps we should pause and rest before launching into flowery descriptions of the player upon whose passing and ball carrying hovers victory or defeat against the Cyclones of I-O-Way. Time, A.

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Other berths filled with passengers trying to sleep. Inexperience is Star- mer's only handicap.

The Holiday Hatrack. Now gently fold your arms on the table so conveniently placed before you and pillow your head thereon. Roy Moskop St. You look in good shape," he says.

J. Bruce Blake Watkinsville, Leduc, Baraboo, Emmett charter Township sweet milf Justice

Joseph Tall guy Bl. Oh, I wasn't bad, but I ain't got the build Jakie's got. The DUs worked out their punishment committee two in shifts so none of the actives need lose his beauty nap. Quiet and not inclined to be talk- Continued on 26 twenty-five ative during practice, Pickett sticks to business during progress of a game. Do you think maybe she isn't nor- mal? The doc Joe Maupin St. All that glitters is not goo. An' he cut an' slashed mah face frah to ribbons.

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In addition to being a smooth pass-receiver, Faurot is a demon on falld. So, perhaps we had better announce that Melvin Wetzel weighs pounds, pep, figuring 16 ounces to the pound and stands six feet, two inches on any platform. Where DU playboy Billy Gibson is this year? But they don't pay no at- tention to me. Surely no such hand- some being could be draped in a football uniform.

Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society to play The District

Thus, the science of mass-production mur- der becomes more proficient. New Member in admiration : Gee!

Life at best is a complex situation; what with blind dates, unannounced quizzes and middle- of-the-month chapter meetings that accomplish nothing but set you straight on a house bill you'd rather not think about! If the Greeks continue to borrow my clothes I'll look like Aphrodite-without.

Edward Werner Clifton, N. Yet the husky tackle streamlines his body in bringing down aspirants for yardage. Streamlined from top to bottom to cut down resistance in cold weather when you have to duck your head and walk against the wind. Haven't been in such a crowd since I left the unemployed.

Now we can swear allegiance to the Alfalfa chapter of Eta Epsom Salts!

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