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ly issued Immigration and Naturalization Service Escrt policy and guidelines on this subject are superseded by this policy. This policy applies to all INS personnel who apprehend, take into custody, transport or otherwise detain persons, with or without warrant, as authorized in the INA, as amended and delineated in Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations.


Officers should consult that reference for instructions regarding the use of restraints and escorts on JPATS aircraft.

No escort required. A pat down search shall be the minimum search conducted.

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These detainees shall be transported separately from other detainees, if possible. Regardless of the means of transportation, no baggage, luggage or parcel shall be transported in a manner making it accessible by any detainee unless the item has been thoroughly searched by the officer transporting the detainee, except when exigent circumstances pose a safety hazard or danger to the officer, detainee or public.

See Standard on Use of Restraints. When one or more factors indicate greater safety or escape risk, the officer should always exercise discretion in favor of more caution and greater supervision.

This may include the driver if both are INS officers. Depending upon the risk level of the detainees, duration of travel and destination, consideration should be given to the use of additional officers and an escort vehicle.

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Two officers may transport no more than the rated capacity of the vehicle permits. Officers shall not be armed while in the secured caged portion of the vehicle. Family groups, unaccompanied females and unaccompanied juveniles shall be separated from unrelated adult males by separate passenger compartments or an empty row of seats. Similarly, the escorting officer's classification of restraint level should be noted in the same location on the form Detainee - Any person, regardless of citizenship or nationality, under arrest, detained, restrained, or confined by the INS or any other escogt enforcement agency.

The supervisor shall be required to make an assessment of the detainee using the Service's classification standards prior to escorting any detainee.

Officers shall not be armed while in the area where detainees are seated. Weapon - Any object, item, or device that may be used to cause physical injury, incapacitate, or diminish capability, temporarily or permanently.

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Unaccompanied Juvenile - A juvenile not in the company of an adult immediate relative. Persons making reservations shall notify the profexsional or agent accepting the reservation of each traveler's escort classification. It is the responsibility of supervisors and officers to convey all known information of escape risks, criminal background or eacort, violence or medical indications to escorting officers.

Non-criminal aliens escorted to a point of departure, placed on the carrier and met by other INS officers at the point of arrival.

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If the captain's decision is unacceptable, the officer shall deplane and make other arrangements. Escorting officers have the responsibility to determine the need and level of restraints used at any time while escorting a detainee. When two or more buses secured prfessional not are used together, one escort vehicle and at least two additional officers should be used.

Secured bus: A minimum of two officers shall be used on all escorts; this includes a driver and a security officer. In addition to these requirements the following procedures will also be applied: Unsecured bus: There shall be a minimum of two 2 officers on the bus.

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Classification Officer esclrt an Immigration Officer deated by a supervisor to determine the escort classification of a detainee. Contraband - Any item possessed by a detainee which is prohibited by the INS or by law.

They shall have radio or cellular telephone communication and, if authorized by an Authorizing Official pursuant to the INS Firearms Policy, shall be armed. In accordance with Federal Aviation Administration FAA regulations 14 CERunder no circumstances, exigent or otherwise, will this notification take place less than one 1 hour prior to the flight.

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ly issued Immigration and Naturalization Service INS policy and guidelines on this subject are superseded by this policy. Group Descriptors Group 1 Persons granted or permitted withdrawal of application for admission, or voluntary departure by a Chief Patrol Agent, District Director or an Immigration Judge.

Corporate airline policy on the types and use of restraints varies between airlines and airports. Medical professional - A d doctor, nurse, practitioner, technician, or aide trained to treat, provide care, administer medication or services specific to the medical needs of the person being escorted. Such determination shall be based on professionao reason s.

All detainees shall be classified by a supervisor or classification officer prior to being transported on commercial carriers using the classification system described below. This policy applies to all INS personnel who apprehend, take into custody, transport or otherwise detain persons, with or without warrant, as authorized in rpofessional INA, as amended and delineated in Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations.

Depending upon the risk classification of the detainees, duration of travel, and destination, consideration may be given to the use of additional Service-approved restraints. Factors considered shall include the detainee's known criminal background, past behavior, potential risk to the public, medical condition, sex, age and ability to resist an officer's control of the detainee effectively.

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Managers and supervisors are responsible for determining the need for and of escorts required for any detainee in accordance with this standard and the classification system found in it. Escorts required for a detainee classified using this classification method shall only be counted toward the escort requirements of one group. Unaccompanied Female - A female not in profeswional company of an immediate relative.

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