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Looking for my aj miss you Looking A Teen Man

Looking for my aj miss you

Name: Petronella

Age: 28
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Lonely Married Female Looking For Beautiful Girl No Sex
Seeking: Wanting to Horny Men
Relationship Status: Never Married


I have a hot mess. No, you don't hello. I can't see who that is, but hello, Hey Amber.


I'm not gonna be selling merch today. I'm trying to it's literally on the days that I go to work cuz I still tell to work to.

You guys TMI but it does Thank you so much. I'm tired of bags. Yes, oh my gosh baby four which is why I've been having such a hard time in my last pregnancy. I'm normally I'm I'm in bed by 90 lookiing and there's nowhere near my usual but I just don't have the energy you guys but just keep praying for us.

Thank you Miss Palmer.

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I'm literally I go to work and I come home and I just go to bed. I'm gonna really push really push but I just want to kinda give you guys an update cuz I know a lot of you didn't know what was going on with me but that is that dealing with all of this to bring baby in the world. I'm tired of them. I'm only choosing to take one which gives me just enough to make it through the day.

I'll be honest that you're not trying to be on my personal business. I'm laughing because I took out my little you can ask my coworkers on here to get through the day you guys and I don't care how it looks. I did not take the last time I suffered through it but I've decided to take the medicine because I still need to be able to work the doctor wants me to take four pills a day. I really wanted to go live tonight you guys, but I did work today and I just don't have it in me.

I hate doing that to them.

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I have a hot mess. I love you guys. Don't get me popsicles.

A love of the Lords hopefully I will be okay for Saturday's event. We're not even you guys. I can't even sleep in my bed right now.

We're gonna get through there. Thank you for listening to me, go on and on but really check out. I'm gonna really push to go live next Thursday you guys.

Looking for my aj miss you

Cuz I just feel that drain that that is only you get the kids in the background. But I just wanna let you all know this is fiscal health from this temporary whatever you're going through just know that God can see you through to the other side. If you guys, I wanna go to all the ins and outs you can just imss at YouTube videos hyper emphasis you've had people that just they just couldn't take it and they ended up having an AB.

I have been to the hospital multiple times getting fluids because I just have such a hard time drinking so. I say you gotta wait a few more weeks for me to go live.

Looking for my aj miss you

They just say H G and I was also diagnosed with it in this one. Amber Yes. I have I can't have lookking so I'm eating my grapes.

It's still not hit me that we will be welcoming mj four but the sickness is definitely it's almost unbearable. YouTube video on hyper emphasis. Y'all pray for me like I said we're gonna push to go live next week. I really love you guys and thanks for listening to me rant because that's not what I usually do.

Anthony James “AJ” Pickle

It doesn't matter what it is like, I said, I might be down right now, but I'm not out. I literally can't eat like French fries grapes new grab bars, and that's pretty cute. My juices, I have the water down, but we're hanging in there day by day you guys and hopefully it's only gonna be a few more weeks.

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