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In AugustMoussaoui enrolled in flight training lessons at a school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On August wscort,the flight school reported its suspicions about Moussaoui to the FBI, including that he only wanted to learn how to take off and land the airplane, that he had no background in aviation, and that he had paid in cash for the course. The Minnespolis and the FBI detained Moussaoui for a violation of his immigration status and seized his belongings, including a computer and personal papers. The Minneapolis FBI opened an investigation on Moussaoui, believing that he was seeking flight training to commit a terrorist act.


Gary told him that he would get back in touch the next day minneaolis discuss the issue further. He said that his understanding was that Minneapolis had made some errors in their handling of matters with other SSAs, such as initiating electronic surveillance before the FISA order had actually been ed. None of the participants in the meeting recalled specifically what facts minneapllis discussed.

His notes state that he advised Jack that a decision needed to be made quickly and that if the Minneapolis FBI decided to pursue the criminal case, then it would be difficult to later pursue the FISA warrant. To check for weapons, the agents opened several bags that Al-Attas told them belonged to Moussaoui.

Moussaoui refused to answer whether he went anywhere else outside of Pakistan while he was in Pakistan and, according to Henry, became upset that he was being asked about his eescort to Pakistan. Moussaoui said the instructors in Oklahoma told him that he was not cut out to be a pilot.

He told the agents that Moussaoui seemed to have a genuine interest in aviation but Moussaoui had no background in any type of sophisticated aircraft systems and had only approximately 50 hours of flight training in light civil aircraft that did not resemble a plane. Robin ran the names of Moussaoui, Al-Attas, and the individuals who had been identified as connected to Al-Attas in ACS and another computer system that contained intelligence reports from throughout the intelligence community.

The agents found in the car another knife, which Moussaoui admitted was his.

He also suggested that the reason that the Chechen rebels were not discussed as a minnespolis power was because, at the time, they were viewed as participants in a civil war, not as a terrorist organization. According to Henry, Minneapolis was forced to close its investigation, and another field office later picked up the criminal case.

Al-Attas said that he had accompanied Moussaoui to Minnesota as a friend and was not enrolled in any flight school.

The FBI receives information about Moussaoui Moussaoui had completed two days of classroom instruction and one flight simulator training session to fly a airplane out of a scheduled four or five sessions when a manager at the Minneapolis Pan Am flight school contacted the FBI about him. According to Robin, it was not until several months after September 11 that individual members of this missionary group were pled as targets of a FISA application and were described as facilitators and recruiters for a particular terrorist organization.

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Jack told minnaepolis OIG that, in most cases, conducting surveillance and asking the CIA to check its records on information already collected, such as the hotel records, is advisable because it in obtaining additional information about the subject. Moussaoui refused this request and refused to allow the agents to search the room or his possessions.

The deportation order for Moussaoui was ed on August 17, Rowley said this occurred on or about August Roy had no experience in terrorism matters. In addition, Gary believed that it was appropriate for the field office to decide to make an arrest, even if FBI Headquarters disagreed, and he advised Henry to go musljm with the arrest. As a result, Robin said, the FBI lacked information about Esdort that would have been gathered if the FBI had conducted physical surveillance and trash covers and obtained phone records and financial records, which was how intelligence investigations typically proceeded before a FISA warrant was requested.

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Gary told the OIG that he also believed that it was necessary to arrest Moussaoui to prevent him from receiving further training. Al-Attas stated that approximately one month earlier, he had moved into an apartment near the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Oklahoma, with an acquaintance. But Tim said that, if he had known about the Phoenix EC, he would have taken it to an attorney in OIPR to discuss the Moussaoui matter in person, which he said was consistent with how he had acted in the past.

Our analysis discusses systemic problems that this case revealed, and it also assesses the performance of the FBI offices and employees who were involved in the Moussaoui investigation. He was asked again to explain the source of his income, and he offered for the first time that he had received money from friends in the United Kingdom and from a friend in Germany for whom he could only recall a first name.

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We believe this past history, which we discuss briefly here, affected how the two offices interacted on the Moussaoui case. After reacting with surprise and caution, Moussaoui stated that he was not. Gary said that he explained to Martin that the INS said it could only hold Moussaoui for seven to ten days.

As Moussaoui was in the process of gathering the most knowledge and skill possible in order to learn to fly the BoeingMinneapolis believes that his plan involved esort aircraft of this type. That plays right into the hands of those people who think FISA is subterfuge.

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Henry said that he was concerned that if Moussaoui completed the training and was later arrested and deported, he would be able to use his training in the future. Tim said that he did not recall discussing with Martin and Robin muslm Chechen rebels as a possible foreign power.

Al-Attas described Moussaoui as an extremely religious Muslim who had gained a reputation at the mosque for being too hard-line and outspoken. The Minneapolis FBI opened an investigation on Moussaoui, believing that he was seeking flight training to commit a terrorist act. Henry confirmed to us that Rowley recommended that pursuing the FISA warrant would be the safest route.

On May 23,Moussaoui e-mailed the Pan Am International Flight Academy, a private aviation school based in Miami, Florida, which had several campuses around the country. The passport contained a Pakistani visa indicating that Moussaoui had been in Pakistan for two months — December 9,to February 7, In Februaryhe entered a language program at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, to study Arabic for more than two years.

Unbeknownst to Al-Attas, Moussaoui had just before that moved into the apartment with the same acquaintance.

They found a knife in his pocket, cash in his money belt, and flight-training materials from Pan Am in the bag. The Minneapolis FBI reported that he was the subject of an Oklahoma intelligence investigation, but it did not state the date, status, or findings of the investigation on Smith. He did not complete the training and stopped taking lessons there in late May Following his conversation with Gary, Wesley called Megan on her cell phone and left her a message about the case.

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Cases that could not be linked to a specific esocrt or substantive unit and involved radical extremist allegations are ased to the RFU. The author of the EC, Special Agent Kenneth Williams, mentioned Ibn Khattab when describing his interview of the subject of an FBI investigation who had a picture of Khattab and a picture of Usama Bin Laden on the wall of his apartment where the interview was conducted.

Henry told the OIG that he had been informed by the INS agent who had conducted the interviews with him that persons who had entered the country under the Visa Waiver Program and overstayed were not entitled to an appeal and would therefore be deported very quickly.

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