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Like the Chinese, Japanese were primarily attracted to British Columbia rather than other regions of Canada. One of the first Japanese in the Okanagan was Denbei Kobayashi. Denbei Kobayashi" Nakayama,p.


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Earlier in the year, the newspaper discussed the shortage of labour in Okanagan orchards, as result of many Canadians who had gone to fight the war and the forecasted record apple crop: This is the picture of things confronting our leading fruit and vegetable district. Security Commission for the purpose of ensuring the implementation of their agreement to remove all Japanese brought into the district for agricultural purposes within six months after the okanagaan of the war.

Subsequent to this debate the Vernon Board of Trade reiterated its position that the Japanese should be brought in for roadwork "Board Favors," The B. Like the Chinese, Japanese were primarily attracted to British Columbia rather than other regions of Canada.

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The majority were sent to settlements in the B. Oriental Orders-in-Council Validation Actwhich attempted to prohibit the employment of Chinese and Japanese persons in Government contracts, leases and concessions.

In Februaryit was reported that a red line had been painted across Mission Creek Bridge and a erected saying no Japanese were desired south of that line. This matter occupied the attention of the executive of the Vernon Board of Trade for a couple of hours on Monday morning.

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In one incident Japanese workers were brought in to replace Doukhobor strikers. They would not grant municipal services to persons of Japanese descent: So aroused have the people of Kelowna become regarding the infiltration of Japanese into the district that the Kelowna City Council has taken the stand that it will deny any licences, electric light or water services okanaagn persons of Japanese origin.

Another article reported that the same question was being publicly debated in Kelowna: In various part of the Okanagan from Kelowna south considerable public discussion has been caused by reports that a large of Japanese families might be moved from "danger zones" at the Coast to the Valley. A Vernon Board of Trade Committee survey of the labour problem heard many comments in favour, as well as against, with regard to re- opening negotiations for Japanese labour with the B.

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A Mission area grower who had hired two local Japanese to work in his orchard woke up one morning with a attached to his gate, warning him to "get rid of the Japs" Lanthier, b, p. This "defence zone" extended inland miles and during the subsequent seven months, more than 22, Japanese were forced to abandon their homes and move eastward under government supervision Ward,p. Not only did the local press state their position on this issue, but also the Vancouver Sun.

By September the Vernon Escort Council was on side and along with the Board of Trade they endorsed a local fruit growers' petition to further increase Japanese labour.

A Southern Okanagan Associated Boards of Trades meeting was reported in the Oliver News: Permanent removal of all persons of Japanese race from Canada after the okqnagan was recommended in a resolution passed at the quarterly meeting of the Southern Okanagan Associated Boards of Trade in Osoyoos last Tuesday evening. By contrast, the B. The land ownership issue re-emerged during World War II and the Japanese were prohibited from purchasing or leasing land without a permit from the Dominion Minister of Justice.

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The Vernon Daily News of October 4,reported: When the removal has been completed, contact will at once be made with the B. Right or wrong, this is the minimum requirement to prevent what might easily be a regrettable tragedy, a spectacle of lawlessness that should at all costs be avoided. Security Commission immediately, by sending a representative delegation, or taking such other action as thought advisable, with the object of having made available in those districts which request it, male Japanese labor, under satisfactory military or police supervision, for the thinning and harvesting of the crop, the said labor to be taken out of the area after completion of the job.

Orchards Employ," During this time the Okanagan was once again faced with a severe shortage of labour for the orchards. The Lewieux-Hayashi Agreement in and the Gentlemen's Agreement in were measures ed by the governments of Canada and Japan, to restrict the Japanese to the occupations of farm labourers, domestic servants and contract labourers.

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Aroundhowever, the of Japanese employed at the ranch started to decline. The of Japanese residents in the Okanagan Valley at the turn of the century was very small relative to the of Chinese. This prompted municipal groups to give only qualified support to the Minister as they pressed for total exclusion of Japanese from land purchase or lease, as well as their purchase of crops ready to harvest "Municipal Groups Demand," The crew of 40 to 60 Japanese increased to in with the construction of an irrigation system.

They are, naturally, not as efficient as orchard labor to which the fruit growers have been accustomed. One of the first Japanese in the Okanagan was Denbei Kobayashi. It was felt that if the Japanese are to be moved from the coastal areas and put to work, that there is work that they might be able to do in the Okanagan Valley, and representations are to be made to the Kelowna and Penticton Boards of Trade to see if they agree with this view that an attempt should be made to bring them in here.

Towards the end of the war, removal plans were in place. This letter was reprinted escortss the Vernon News as follows: Whereas it okkanagan been brought to our notice that at the meeting of the City Council held on February 23 certain city lands were leased to Orientals; And whereas the leading public organizations of this city and district are on record as being strongly opposed to the sale or leasing of lands to Orientals; Be it resolved that this executive deeply regrets the action taken by the City Council in this direction; And be it further resolved that the City Council be requested to set a better example in these matters in future.

Minister of Agriculture, Hon. There were okanahan, Japanese in Alberta, 1, in Manitoba, and in Ontario, all working on sugar-beet projects Ujimoto,p.

Public opinion was swinging toward being in favour of Japanese agricultural okanagaan. A letter from the Vernon branch of the Great War Veterans Association was sent to the Vernon City Council protesting the municipality's renting of property to Japanese tenants. How to acquire the help of industrious escirts without establishing an Oriental colony permanently "in our midst"! Sandbornp. Within weeks the North Okanagan orchards were employing Japanese and the was growing steadily "N.

In Penticton a representative gathering of citizens flatly rejected any proposal that would bring Japanese here as orchard help, even though no such proposition has ever been officially made. MacDonald, was given a rousing ovation in a speech to the B. Inabout Japanese canadians lived in the Vernon area. Gaunt-Stevenson "Council Debates," Meanwhile, some Okanagan communities were thinking ahead to the end of the war.

The North Okanagan Security Committee would assume all transportation, housing, feeding, medical, and other contingent liabilities.

Aroundhe visited a major orchard in Coldstream where approximately forty Japanese were employed. With the escorrts of Japanese Canadians to interior points, there was recognition by fruit growers that the Japanese were a potential source of labour. They cited that the opposition was lessening because the Japanese who had come into the area voluntarily were not making themselves prominent in any way "Alien Labor in District Orchards," The Council goes further and will, if possible, deny them school escorhs.

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Security Commission that Japanese agricultural workers be retained for a further year as there was again a fear of extreme labour shortages "Retention of Japanese,"despite the fact the war was over. After being employed by the Coldstream Ranch, many Esscorts families settled in the area and, in time, leased or bought some land. The second delegation received such assurances from the B.

They urged restraint and cessation of further Japanese migration to the Okanagan "Okanagan Again Urges," The use of involuntary Japanese labour for agriculture occurred in other parts of Canada as well as the Okanagan. Japanese Involuntary Labour As the anti-Japanese sentiment peaked in the early spring ofthe B.

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