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Ripped witty personal amport with a fantasy

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It can only be made so fast. I'm aware that the Miata wont be my "fast car", thats what my Vette is for. But I want it to be as fast as possible. It may be too much for some to control, but for me its just normal.


That comes from reading just what someone posts, and I think that we are getting a better idea of who you are, and what you are about from this thread. Cars are my whole life. He goes to Miata club track days…in his modified Viper.

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And we did just fine, thank you. Im not calling you a liar but i am saying you are exaggerating your point and since your point is that Miata's have such a terrible after market support and are not cost effective to modify then the VERY SIMPLE solution is sell fangasy Miata to some one who will enjoy it for what it is and can do and not for what they "think" it should be. So that means I could have entered my street driven mustang and beat a large part of the dedicated track cars in LeMans.

Hope you can get what your looking for:toast: I cant am;ort that this car has good aftermarket support. Many of the things you're parroting are just flat wrong - an LSx powered Miata is not a 40k affair, for instance. It's hard to type whilst laughing this hard.

Nothing wrong with good handling, thats why I built my entire Miata suspension and brakes first. And then have other cars in similar shape to run with.

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I have to agree with stubbs that the aftermarket is a bit lame in terms of dollars spent for benefits witry. Some of your claims about your vehicles and your driving ability are ludicrous at best. Its possible? I'm sure you can agree that rather insane? I love the WRXs, that hollow resonance in performance exhaust from the boxster engine is totally unique. We need more guys like Emilio and FM that can push the envelope with the capability.

But I've loved it. I had even considered trying to do the swap myself using your kit. Yes I dont care for those kind of people. So you aren't the only guy who is "into" cars.

Losing 1 race to even a supercar has in the past compelled me to spend over 10 thousand dollars upgrading cars I already built so that it wouldnt happen again. So you have to send faantasy a bellhousing to be modified. Nobody other than you is making a point out of that.

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As 2ndGearRubber said the Miatas stock parts arent very good. A mustang can get some serious power but since that's what it was made for, its not really fair to compare. But I consider my Miata to be a descendant of the British roter, like the two Triumph Spitfires that I owned, with upgraded performance and overall reliability but down graded ignition and alternator reliability. A ported BP4W flows worse than a stock B-series honda head.

The GT3 was running hard, even with its track deed setup it was still lapping almost 10 seconds a lap slower than me, and Ed could drive the hell out of that car. Sure, we have FM which is great, and I've spent thousands with them. Thats what I love is taking cars that shouldnt be able to do what they do and build them right and run faster than hugely expensive world class cars. Still think that honestly, your thoughts on building a Factory Five is a good one.

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Road race tracks are my fav, I don't drag. Show me 1 Miata vendors that can offer me that? Not on a Miata. I admit it. The Driver 8th JuneDarn, this thing got blown way out whack! But every single word Ive posted is the truth. Neither my Mustang nor my Miata will clear speed bumps in parking lots because of the setups i have in ri;ped. Let's assume the aftermarket is much closer to perfect competition than an oligopoly since pretty much anyone with a little bit of cash could start a turbo kit company.

The BP5 head I have is the best head the Miata has ever come with, yet when ported and with bigger valves it still doesnt flow very well.

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I hope you have a great time building and driving it. Say what you want, but there is no need to delve into personal insults here. Just try and imagine some rich prick in a thousand dollar car getting smacked down by a lowly Mustang. Your plan of building a Factory Five sounds like your best bet. Roger that. Built quite a few cars too, and I'm a chunk older than you, so then we had Rundle's and Loper's for speed parts.

Oh come on now! I want the LS in the Miata, especially since I've sunk so much into the car already, but Ill have to wait till the kits become more economical because when its a choice between 4 extra cylinders or a whole second car for just a little more money, I've got to go with the Cobra. Its an amazing car. Begi and FM have dabbled in tubular ones here and there but all are known to crack and also arent EGR compliant.

If you got the kind of cash it sounds like you have then really it sounds like YOU'RE being cheap and not dishing out the cash to build what you want.

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I'm not talking about pulling out on track with Alonso and Hamilton up in Montreal this weekend and laying down competitive times. I don't know why you think this, but I give up. I am happy with my 90whp. With Introduction and notes by Ernest Scott.

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Wish I could have found that earlier. I dont comprehend how thats possible with over a million of these cars sold. The Driver 8th JuneAs for the rest, sorry you guys got so insecure that you got nasty and attacking. So stop bitching and buy one of those.

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