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Rochester girl looking for the impossible

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Jane regularly speaks out against the cruel treatment of her cousin, John and her aunt, Mrs Reed. This in Jane becoming isolated and alienated in the house, as she endures her punishments alone. When Jane moves to Lowood School, her life appears to loking similar, as she has to endure horrible taunts and punishments from Mr Brocklehurst.


I do not know what you think about the proper sphere of women.

The Official Susan B. Anthony Museum & House – Susan B. Inspires Me

I would let the States act upon almost every other question by majorities, except the power to say whether my opinion shall be counted. Then, as you will remember, I was prosecuted by the officers of the Federal court, and the cause was carried through the different courts in the State of New York, in the northern district, and at last I was brought to trial at Canandaigua.

In most of the States clergymen are exempted. The last report was from District Attorney Raines.

Rochester girl looking for the impossible

However, it is at Lowood Jane finds true friendship and love. The Republicans and Greenbackers made a most humble bow to the grangers, but women suffrage did not get much help. Therefore I ask that you, true to your own theory and assertion, should go forward to make more constitution. The first step towards social regulation and good society in towns, cities, and villages is the ballot in the hands of the mothers of those places.

I beg you, gentlemen, to save us from the mortification and the rochewter of appealing to the rabble.

The impossible woman

When John Morrissey was a member of the New York State Legislature gor would have been humiliating enough for us to go to the New York State Legislature and pray of John Morrissey to vote to ratify the sixteenth amendment, giving us the right to vote; impossiblle if instead of a sixteenth amendment you tell us to go back to the popular-vote umpossible, the old-time method, and go down into John Morrisseys seventh Congressional district in the city of New York, and there, in the sloughs and slums of that great Sodom, in the grog-shops, the gambling-houses, and the brothels, beg at the feet of each individual fisticuffs of his constituency to give the noble, educated, native-born, tax-paying women of the State of New York as much right as he has, that would be too bitter a pill for a native-born woman to swallow any longer.

When Jane believes Rochester is to marry Blanche Ingram, she asks Rochester to look after Adele and ensure she has a good education.

I hope you will agree with me that the fundamental right of citizenship, the right to voice in the Government, is a national right. The novel ends with Jane finding happiness, as impossibl marries Rochester as a confident, independent, young woman. The Constitution of the United States as it is protects me. Looking at the evidence below, what does this quotation suggest about Jane's personality?

Rochester and Bertha in "Jane Eyre" and "Wide Sargasso Sea": - GRIN

Consequently both parties must alike cater to that balance of political power. They got the proper officer to prosecute every rum- seller. In she founded a newspaper, Revolution, whose motto was: "Men, their rights and nothing more. The theory of this Government from the beginning has been perfect equality to all the people.

Because if he should do so he would lose the votes of all the employees of certain shops on that street, if another he would lose the votes of the railroad employees, and if another he would lose the German vote, if another the Irish vote, and so on. She leaves, sacrificing her chance of happiness. Reveal answer up down 'To be privileged to put my arms round what I value - to press my lips to what I love - to repose on what I trust: is that to make a sacrifice?

They did not help us much. It is because of this fact that I ask you not to remand us back to the States, but submit to the States the proposition of a sixteenth amendment.

She was found guilty, but never paid the fine the judge gurl. We tried to get negro suffrage by the popular vote, as you will remember. I am going to give you an illustration, not because I have any disrespect for the person, because on many other questions he was really a good deal better than a good many other men who had not so bad a name in this nation.

In the Victorian era, women and particularly governesses would not comment on their master's decisions. The Congress of the United States notwithstanding, and the Supreme Court of the United States notwithstanding, with all deference and respect, I differ with them all, and know that I am right and that they are wrong.

You ask us why we do not get this right to vote first in the school districts, and on school questions, or the questions of liquor. I was sent out to speak in a voting precinct having voters; of those voters were Mexican greasers, 40 of them foreign-born citizens, and just 10 of them were born in this country; and I was supposed to be competent to convert those men to let me have as much right in this Government as they had, when, unfortunately, the great majority of them could not understand a word that I said.

This was man's generosity. Let me illustrate by Colorado, the most recent State, in the election of And I want to say to you of Carl Schurz, that side by side with that man on the battlefield of Germany was Madame Rocjester, as noble a woman as ever trod the American soil.

Susan B. Anthony – | Susan B. Anthony –

They put their wheat in circles on the ground with the he out, and drive a mule around to thrash it. I want to say, too, that although those Senators rocheeter have believed in woman suffrage, they did not say much about it. Carpenter, in the Senate, there were plenty of precedents brought forward to show that in cases of multitudes of men fines had been remitted. I do not propose to do so, because I take it for granted that the members of this committee understand that we have all the argument on our side, and such an argument would be simply a series of platitudes and maxims of government.

Rochester and Bertha in "Jane Eyre" and "Wide Sargasso Sea": An Impossible Match

We have a right to have our opinions counted on every possible question concerning the public welfare. Jane is quite calm and reflective when Rochester's marriage to Bertha is revealed and her happiness has unravelled. The National Government may concede to the States the right to decide by a majority as to what banks they shall have, what laws they shall enact with regard to insurance, with regard to property, and any other question; but I llooking upon it that the National Government should not leave it a question with the States that a majority in any State may disfranchise the minority under any circumstances fof.

I state this merely to show the need of woman to speak for herself, to be as judge, to be as juror. What we ask of you is that you will make of the women of the cities a balance of political power, so that when a mayor, a member of the common council, a supervisor, a justice of the peace, a district attorney, a judge on fpr bench even, shall go before the people of that city as a candidate for the suffrages of the people he shall not only be compelled to took to lkoking men who frequent the grog-shops, the brothels, and the gambling houses, who will vote for him if he is not in favor of executing the law, but that he shall have to look to the mothers, the sisters, the wives, the daughters of those deluded men to see what they will do if he does not execute the law.

The next step was that all white men were the people to whom should be practically applied the fundamental theories.

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