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Government Printing Office, www. I 0 Introduction No matter what your time or financial constraints, you can take some of these simple steps to improve wildlife habitat in your back yard.


January 5: Tracking Florida COVID Cases, Hospitalizations, and Fatalities

The slimy salamander, in its black cloak studded with flecks of white or gold, is a handsome mini-predator of small insects and spiders in leaf litter and beneath rotting logs. All are gentle, harmless and very beneficial insectivores. These will keep "tunnels" open under the pile. Raccoons and opossums live in all but the most urban Florida habitats as long as they have access to food, water and daytime cover.

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beasst The landscape de was prepared by you will find an extensive listing of the native plants Preface Jody Walthall of Native Nurseries in Tallahassee. Beach Soil and Water Conservation District. Bottom half of brush pile construction Managing for Herps in Your Yard Most of Florida's reptiles and amphibians are small and secretive and need a little bit of "wildness" in which to seeiing and find food. Of all this bewildering variety, which species can you expect to attract to your own backyard?

Males pump out their startling pink throat fan or "dewlap" to advertise their virility and personal territory.

Use native plants to attract the animals habitats-the living spaces that provide animals with contributed valuable advice and suggestions. Brush piles and wood piles also provide valuable shelters and basking sites. Silver Palm At left are representatives of the Florida salamanders, frogs, turtles, lizards and snakes you are most likely to run into in your backyard or side garden, plus some hints on how to make them happy. The racer eats an astonishing variety of other animals, from insects and frogs to mice, lizards and other seeeking.

Some caterpillars feed on just one kind of plant, while others may dine on a broad range of related species. Learn to recognize these, and any others you see will be safe, valuable additions to your backyard fauna.

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Florida has a of native rodents that might visit your backyard. Over time, introduce seeds of other native butterfly- atrrricung herbs to these natural food patches. The streamlined mole is well-outfitted for life in the meandering underground runways it digs in constant search for food. The key to luring wildlife to your property is to provide t the four basic components of their habitat: food, especially in its natural form; water to drink and bathe in; cover or shelter to escape from predators, rest and build nests; and space or territory in which to live and k raise young.

Write for a free fact sheet on butterfly gardening from the Nongame Wildlife Program see 33 which lists the larval and nectar food plants for each common Florida butterfly. Build a cascade of plant attractants by securing a trellis to a wall and covering it with trumpet creeper or coral honeysuckle vines.

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Cocoplum 5. DO choose feeders that can be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria and fungus molds. Wild Coffee 4. Many native to your areas. Frogs and most common species of Florida wildlife.

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Viburnum 7. Female butterflies lay their eggs only on certain plants that will nourish the eseking caterpillars larvae after they hatch. Mammals cannot fly over poor habitat like birds can, so if your property is sur- rounded by unsuitable habitat, it may be difficult to attract them to your yard. DO NOT use red dye or commercial solutions with red coloring. But to persuade them to stay all summer, you must also grow those plants that supply food for the insects' larval stage.


Space: All animals require a certain amount of D. We hope it will help you attract, Jeff Gore, John Waters, the Board and staff of the A final word: be patient and realistic in your enjoy and conserve wildlife close to your home.

Florida Bar Journal

Wet sand, earth or mud are the best butter- fly watering holes see illustration. On the other hand, if we can preserve see,ing wildlife and plants in our cities and suburbs, we can also maintain the essential bond between people and nature that fosters a sense of stewardship for the land and its life far beyond city limits.

And you'll find advantages in People need to live close to the natural world-to energy and water savings as well as the natural insect trees, flowers and animals. Yet millions of reptiles and amphibians.

They are an asset to any garden. Add lower shrubs such as coral bean or firebush, and then low flowering annuals and perennials closest to the ground.

January 5: Tracking Florida COVID Cases, Hospitalizations, and Fatalities

It will be most Brush pile Apleasing and successful when you have 3 6 managed to combine the quality of wilderness with just Bird water and enough cultivation to harmonize talahassee your house and feeding station Purple Martin 6 the people who inhabit it. Moreover, the National Wildlife Federation observant and more in tune with important subtleties has found that attractive landscaping installed with around us.

Shrews are tiny voracious predators that consume up to half or more of their weight in insects and invertebrates each day. Learn which species already occur in your area and identify the plants they are visiting. No matter what your time or financial constraints, beas can take some of these simple steps to improve wildlife habitat in your back yard.

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