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Introduction There have always been homeless people in the United States. As economic circumstances and demographic forces have fluctuated, so have the size montpeljer composition of the homeless population, although relatively permanent skid rows where homeless people congregate have long been a feature of many large cities. In the past decade, however, the problem of homelessness has increasingly captured public attention.


Vermont Department of Human Services.

Minorities are overrepresented among homeless people in the nation's larger cities Table Homeless Elderly People The percentage of elderly people among the homeless sheter is less than that among the general population. American Journal of Public Health 76 September Conducted by P. Health Care of Homeless People.

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Even those communities with ly adequate social service systems are finding it increasingly difficult to serve the growing s of homeless people, especially in areas where the decline of agriculture, forestry, and mining is severe. Growing public awareness of homelessness is also connected to changes in the shelted dispersion of homeless people, who are becoming more visible in neighborhoods and communities that would not have imagined their presence in the past.

Never-married homeless adults are generally not members of households and often lack strong family ties. Simpson, J. Kronenfeld, D.

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Conference of Mayors reported that individual men made up 56 percent of the homeless population and individual women made up 25 percent. Homeless in the suburbs: They are different from the street people. McCormack, A. It was also reported that when a city did attract transients, it was generally not by virtue of its sdeking programs but, rather, because of a favorable economic climate and the possibility of employment.

While there is considerable controversy about the of homeless people, there seekingg general agreement that the is becoming greater as each year passes. However, the magnitude of the problem can be seen in even the most conservative estimates: If there are approximatelypeople homeless on any given night ICF Inc. Leaf, R.

Homeless women are more likely than homeless men to have been married' In the Portland study, only 29 percent of homeless women had never married compared with 44 percent of homeless men. Bingham, editor;R. Moreover, the characteristics of the homeless population differ dramatically from one community to another.

Louis Morse et al. Characteristics of Homeless People Homeless people are a diverse and varied group in terms of age, ethnicity, family circumstances, and health problems. Solarn, and C. October 16, Boston: University of Massachusetts.

Because there is a lack of systematic information about the characteristics of intact homeless families, particularly the fathers, the following discussion concentrates primarily on mothers and children. The figure of Homelessness and Health. However, a third explanation for the small percentage of homeless elderly may be related to sampling. monttpelier

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Caton ; and the study of adolescents in a crisis center in Toronto, conducted by Mark-David Janus and colleagues and funded by the U. The literature on the characteristics and needs of homeless families is largely anecdotal, although there are a few systematic studies describing the status and unmet needs of homeless families and the health status Wright and Weber,emotional problems Bassuk et al. Planning for the special needs of the elderly homeless.

Clark, A.

Footnotes 1 ''Throwaway" youths refers to children and adolescents who are evicted from their homes by their parents or another adult in a position of responsibility for them. Stevens, A.

If you are not in a high-risk group, and want to assist with response locally, consider ing up to assist with FEAST meal delivery by calling the Montpelier Senior Center here , or by volunteering at area church’s community meals.

Congress, House. A majority of families had been doubled up in overcrowded apartments with friends or relatives, while some had ly resided in other shelters or welfare hotels Bassuk et al. Prepared by Human Services Triangle, Inc.

Definition of Homeless For the purpose of this report, the definition of homeless or homeless person is the same as that in P. Sheletr homeless men and women have an average age of between 34 and 37 Morse, ; this is ificantly lower than those found in decades. A substantial of reports have focused on the homeless mentally ill and on homeless people who suffer from alcohol abuse.

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Mental health and social characteristics of the homeless: A survey of mission users. Summary The homeless population is heterogeneous.

Rubin, and A. The program is targeted specifically to mentally ill homeless veterans and therefore does not present a valid sample of all homeless veteransbut it is both the most recent research on homeless veterans and the most geographically comprehensive.

Rural areas do not have the range of social and financial supports available in most urban areas. Studies that have attempted to count homeless people have been subject to severe criticism. In press.

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