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Thai boy prostitutes

Thai boy prostitutes

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He dreamed of a secure future in Thailand. So why shouldn't I


A social worker estimates that the total of female and male prostitutes is perhaps as high thhai a million, working both from entertainment venues and as freelancers.

As prostitution is under the criminal code, sex workers try to keep a low profile. Another boy said that the wages paid by the bars weren't enough to survive on if they didn't go with customers.

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Many of the Burmese sex workers are as young as 13 or 14, well below the legal age for working in a place of entertainment in Thailand. He now spends most nights at a gay bar in the tourist destination of Chiang Mai kilometers from Thakhilek. They know they've got more power over Burmese boys,'' said another boy in Chiang Rai. I still want to have a girlfriend. He dreamed of a secure future in Thailand. The massage parlours and nightclubs offer a greater attraction than the long exhausting hours in the factories and the fields.

Miss Duang observed that in those three years she has seen an increase in the of men willing to have sex with a stranger for money. On this Friday night, nearly a hundred customers pack the bar farang, Hong Kong Chinese, Tnai and Thais drinking and watching.

We don't really know the system here. Some of us don't understand the language. They the management arranged for dancing instructors to teach me and the others,'' the boy said. I want to marry The trend of boys entering the sex industry in large s tha an added headache. They hear that they can earn extra money if they go to bed with gay people Thais or foreigners.

Later we borrowed from Thai friends at an interest rate of 10 per cent a month. Since there seemed no other way to pay off the debts, he was persuaded much more easily.

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He also said that the bar owner takes a commission from his charge for his services in addition to the bar fee the customer pays him the owner for allowing the boy to leave the bar. Miss Duang her Thai namea year-old Chinese Burmese celebrated her third boh of working nights at another Chiang Mai beer prostiitutes by supplying a customer with drinks and then going to bed with him, much like any other night.

There are overmale and female service personnel. Most of the youths aren't even aware of the laws against paedophilia.

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Only once in a while do they have much spending money in their pocket, if they are lucky enough to have more than a few clients in a week or get extra money from wealthy customers. He thinks many girls are physically forced into prostitution. So why shouldn't I I never thought about it at all when I was in Burma. But in the bars they may have a maximum two days off a month without pay.


For the less educated, and young, there is much less opportunity. The views of all were summed up by one who told Perspective prostitutfs don't think so. Burma's economic, social and political situation is at the root of the youthful migration to the flesh dens of its more well-to-do neighbor. For them - to go near sex workers is very bad.

Ninety per cent of these people are working illegally in industry or agriculture.

Why do they have to come down? I believe many of us face the same kinds of problems.

Amidst the blasting heavy metal music and the changing colour of the smoke in the flashing lights, a boy sips his drink and tells the reporter in a loud and bright voice his hopes for the future: "Even though I have gone to bed with so many men He was practising dance steps along with dozens of young men several of whom were pd to be non-Thai. The of Burmese escaping what they see as by hopeless situation continues prostitutea grow.

The Thai government has pursued a humanitarian policy through which refugees fleeing conflicts are afforded temporary asylum until the conflicts in the areas from which they fled is settled. He estimates that aboutof these are Burmese of which a minority, some 5, are male. Half of them may come from hilltribes. I don't think there are people who are seriously paying attention to this issue. The abuse from so many corners drives them to seek protection from gangsters, or mafia, who sometimes have influence with the police.

VICIOUS CIRCLE Young people may enter into an occupation in a nightspot or club innocently looking for a way to make pretty good money in an enjoyable atmosphere, but entertainment venues are places where boys and girls are at high risk of being trapped into a vicious circle.

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