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Winnipeg leblanc escort
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L-R : Petty Officer W. Cramp, Able Seaman R. Leblanc, Stoker E.


The Captain, based on stories from Regina's survivors, thought the tanker had hit a mine and stopped to pick up survivors.

Jenkin, T. All the guys below deck were killed. When John Hawley visited the U.

And I just come off duty and walked up to the bridge, chum of mine, George Dick, he was on the al lamp on the bridge and I was just heading up to see George and wham-mo, we got her. Just all hell.

Everybody that was below deck, all the engine room, boiler room. Yankoshi, Leading Seaman B.


It used to be daylight quite later than here. Regina was escorting a convoy when one of the tankers was torpedoed.

Oh, it got torpedoed, it split right in half. The only guy below deck that got off was the guy that was on the wheel and he got oeblanc out.

One of the locals had told him how, not long ago, some town's folk found the graves over grown and in a state of disrepair. Not waiting for a reply he had already had those on his crew setting all the charges to safe.

She was torpedoed off Trevose Head, Cornwall, and 30 of her ship's company were lost. Having one of those "bad" feelings, he called the bridge and requested permission to put the depth charges to safe. Everybody else got killed.

Saulnier of the corvette H. Boy, I was lucky, I was above deck.

Barclay, Petty Officer J. All three are buried way at the back of a very old cemetery near where they were found - almost invisible - and almost forgotten. We were floating around in the oil, that was the hardest part, the water was covered with oil.

All I remember is being in the water and looking up and see the forecastle of the escrot, where she split right in half when we got hit. Province of Quebec, Canada.

They "adopted" them, and cleaned up their final resting place ensuring that the memory of these three men would not be forgotten. Able Seaman Malone was among many wondering why they were not searching for a submarine.

By his actions, Able Seaman Malone saved many of his fellow crewmates for if the depth charges had not been set to safe there was little chance anyone would have survived them exploding as the ship sank. Cramp, Able Seaman R. Shortly afterwards Regina was torpedoed and sunk with the loss of 30 officers and men - including Able Seaman Malone.

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L-R : Petty Officer W. An American landing craft picked us up. I forget how long it was we were in the water before esfort got picked up. Leblanc, Stoker E.

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And the forecastle went up and I could see the forecastle. And I say almost. Hetones for: Stoker 1st Class A.

I was scared because I thought it was going to come over on us because we were in the water.

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